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I was hoping someone could help me out on this. At several of the SBP, Revamped, & FSE tracks I run, I experience a drop from around 145FPS to 4FPS, just off the corners. I experience it, worst at Rockingham Revamped 2012 & Auto Club 2014. It seems to happen intermittently. For example, I might run 15 laps with no drop and then the next 5 will be junk. I have turned on/off objects, changed mods, +/- Cars Drawn & % drawn ahead. Nothing seems to help it. Any ideas?

FYI. I'm running a NVIDIA GeForce GT740; AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor
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FPS Drops 8 months 3 weeks ago #218

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This has happened to me also... but only on tracks with the shared folder (FSE and revamped tracks) never on the SBP tracks. I also only use two SDT tracks (daytona day and night) i other wise stay away from the latter. So i'm perplexed on why this is happening on your SBP tracks. MMmm.... this has also happened when one my cars on track exeeded 2100 kb. Check to see if any of your cars have a large file size of 5000 kb or above. delete them this might help. Check to see if youre running antialising16 or 32 with CSAA activated this could be the culprit dont run the game in open Gl. with such a great card you should be able to run every thing on high settings. Also download nvidia inspectorI and adjust your video card settings with it... Thats what we all use. (you have a 740 right). love this game and if you figure it out let us know. I'm still perplexed but i've experienced this too...But only... I repeat when using the shared folder option from FSE and RR .But never SBP tracks with the original folder. ( try SDT tracks the Shared folder is not required. I run a GTX 970
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